American Fiction: Is There More To Monk's Ending?

american fiction end credit scene
Credit: MGM Studios

american fiction end credit scene
Credit: MGM Studios

Acclaimed television writer Cord Jefferson is broadening his horizons, making his directorial debut in American Fiction, a movie where the frustrated writer, Monk, struggles to have his book published because it's deemed not 'Black' enough. That said, how does the story end? Does American Fiction have an end-credit scene?

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the ending of American Fiction, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

American Fiction Movie's Ending Explained

American Fiction wouldn't have come to fruition if it weren't for the debuting director reading Percival Everett's novel, Erasure.

Considering that both stories revolve around trying to navigate the consequences of turning one's art into marketable merchandise, here's how American Fiction ended.

The Pinnacle of Monk's Journey

In an attempt to appease his readers, editor, and publisher, Monk wrote an entirely new book, retitling his work to My Pafology, which adheres to the stereotypical way of writing that their audience seemed to be looking for.

While this book became an instant hit, even more so when it got a movie deal, Monk concealed his identity of being the writer behind it.

At the film's pinnacle, he was called to serve on the panel of judges on which novel deserved to win.

In this case, Monk was aiming to put his publishing scandal behind him by retitling his book into Fuck. This ended up coming against Sintara Golden's (Issa Rae) book, We Lives in Da Ghetto.

For the entire duration of the film, Monk had been harshly putting down his judgment on which book should represent the community, only to surprise himself when Golden revealed she was not a fan of how Fuck was not a good choice to win.

This was essential in pinpointing where Golden stood when it came to depicting their literature.

It was only then that Monk realized We's Lives in Da Ghetto is not necessarily to stereotype the way they write, but that it was what the writer was passionate about.

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Does American Fiction Have a Post-Credit Scene?

While it remains to be seen if American Fiction has an end-credit scene, the ending scene could already be considered as one due to its obscure open ending.

American Fiction concluded consisting of three options, specifically in Monk's point of view: he could end the story before coming up the stage, he could end the story through a typical romantic gesture through an apology to his ex, or Monk surprisingly gets shot to death on stage by police officers.

Ultimately, Monk's ending was more human and less about the movie magic. He drives off with his brother, Cliff (Sterling K. Brown), leaving behind the showbiz he built through his anonymously published novel.

If anything, the film's ending is clear on where Cord Jefferson (and Monk) stands. Anything a post-credit scene could do would likely play a role in plain sight, the audience would just have to find it.

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