All One Piece Warlords Ranked

One Piece warlords

One Piece warlords

The Shichibukai or Warlords of the Sea are one of the Three Great Powers in the world of One Piece, and when in the early days of the series, they are the biggest league of pirates Luffy and the gang should never come across with.

Every mention of or reveal of a new Shichibukai was a godsend! The abolition of the Shichibukai system means we won't get a new line-up, and that is slightly bad news to One Piece fans. The Shichibukai roster contains a lineup of One Piece's most popular characters after all.

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This task of ranking them is like trying to pick who is your favorite child; hard to choose but definitely doable.

  1. Edward Weevil

    Edward Weevil is like the placeholder Warlord, he does not do much but he definitely exists. If he is so low on this list, it is because he does not have any story yet. He does have an interesting hook of being a potential son of Whitebeard, so there are stories to mine in this big boy. Even if it turns out his mother is lying about who his father is, why his mother is lying can still be interesting. But as of now, there is no "there" there.

    We have seen the kind of destruction he can do every time we get a glimpse of him, so at least we know he is definitely deserving of the Warlord title.

  2. Gekko Moriah

    What is interesting about Gekko Moriah is that he has an interesting Devil Fruit, a unique lazy personality for a One Piece villain, and in the Thriller Bark Arc he felt like an unstoppable force despite his lazy ways.

    Despite that, it is very hard to root for Gekko Moriah because of his incredibly out-of-place design, and annoying voice. Look at him, he looks like he is a Care Bears villain than a One Piece one.

    The way the series consistently portray him as too weak to be a Shichibukai after Thriller Bark does not buy him any favors either.

  3. Boa Hancock

    Despite Boa Hancock's initial introduction as a selfish and arrogant candidate for a villain, she proves herself to be a very complex individual with an interesting backstory as a former slave.

    What holds her back as a character is, while her tendency to look down on people to the point that she looks up to the sky, and her love for Luffy are funny jokes, it is getting old.

    After her huge character development in her initial arc, there is nothing to do with her anymore but the running gags. Scholars call it the Brooke Syndrome. Yohohohoho.

  4. Buggy the Clown

    What Buggy lacks in being a serious threat, Buggy makes up for it by being the funniest villain in One Piece. His power is perfect for slapstick. He's whiny, entitled, and loud personality combined with the countless funny faces Eiichiro Oda can come up for him is endless comedy gold.

    Not to mention that the running gag of countless deadly pirates thinking he is a great pirate on the level of Whitebeard never gets old. First, he is a Shichibukai. One day he will be a Yonko. Maybe even the Pirate King.

  5. Blackbeard

    With a bounty of 2,247,600,000 Belly, and a Yonko, Blackbeard is the most successful Shichibukai on this list career-wise. This is ironic because he also has the shortest career as a Shichibukai.

    Not even Luffy has a career trajectory as fast a Blackbeard. From having no reputation and bounty in the first time we met him, to a Shichibukai, to a Yonko with over a 2 Billion bounty in a span of 3 years.

    He proved capable of manipulating both the Whitebeard Pirates and the full military force of the Marines. He might have the lowest bounty among the Yonkos outside of Luffy, but according to his past successes, he is just biding his time until eventually take the others' crown.

    The biggest achievement he has to the angry hating hearts of One Piece fans is that he is the one that captured Ace to hand over to the government for his own ends, so is indirectly responsible for his death.

    If he is not high enough on this list, it is because much of who Blackbeard still remains a mystery including how he can use two Devil Fruits at once. Once we have more about him, maybe he can catapult to the top of this list as fast as he became a Yonko.

  6. Jimbe

    Mentioned since the early days of One Piece as Arlong's former ally, the hype to Jimbe's inevitable appearance was high. In a good subversion, he is not one of the next villains to fight, but a potential ally for Luffy. When Luffy released him and Crocodile to help with the escape from Impel Dawn, there was big excitement in seeing Luffy team up with two Shichibukai. Clearly, Jimbe did not disappoint.

    And now that he is part of the Straw Hats, there is so much more for us to get excited for. What will his chemistry with the other Straw Hats be? Who will be his best pairing? Is he part of the new Monster Trio? Just the thought that Luffy has landed a literal whale like a Warlord, gives the Straw Hats even more street cred as a pirate crew.

  7. Dracule Mihawk

    Dracule Mihawk is the first Shichibukai we have ever met, and what entrance did he make? He is the reason we put the Warlord position in such high regard.

    If he has a title like The Worlds Greatest Swordsman, and can almost kill Zoro with the smallest sword in the world, we can only imagine what kind of monsters the other Warlords are.

    The irony is, despite being the first Shichibukai in the series, we see and know next to nothing about him, but unlike the other Warlords who have that weakness, not knowing much about Hawkeye only adds to his mystique.

    Everything about him speaks badass - His Musketeer-like design with sharp eyes, the way he casually roams the rough seas of the Grand Line with just a small ship and no crew. If anything, knowing more about him is the path to ruining his character.

    Here's to hope that his inevitable duel with a certain three sword-waving individual will be all that's hyped up to be.

  8. Trafalgar Law

    Who knew that the 11 Supernovas are going to end up so popular? And the coolest one among them is Trafalgar Law. He has a cool design, and what may be the coolest Devil Fruit with the power to do... everything.

    Seriously, the Ope Ope no Mi might just be the most broken fruit in One Piece. There is absolutely no reason he cannot just slice Doflamingo in half. When Law was fighting Doflamingo in the sea, why not just teleport Doflamingo under the sea? The only reason the Yonkos aren't beaten by Law is because of Haki, also known as plot armor.

    With Trafalgar Law's popularity and evergrowing broken power set, we are going to get more of Trafalgar D. Water Law. May he find what he is looking for.

  9. Bartholomew Kuma

    Everything about Bartholomew Kuma is a mystery and intriguing - He is huge but he moves with grace and holds objects gently. He is called a tyrant, but he has a calm demeanor, always holds a bible in one hand, and is loyal to his superiors.

    All that mystery and large physique make him one of, if not the most intimidating villain in One Piece history. His powers may look and feel cute, but they can make the Straw Hats life a living hell. He can defeat all of the Straw Hats plus other pirates with them with no effort.

    When the Pacifista showed up in Sabaody Archipelago., it took the Straw Hat's combined strength and all they got just to defeat it, and yet that Pacifista was weaker than the original Kuma.

    And then, Kuma made one of the best and most shocking moments in One Piece possible - He made the Straw Hats disappear one by one, making Luffy painfully hopeless for the first time in One Piece history.

  10. Don Quixote Doflamingo

    Before Luffy ever had to face Doflamingo he was already a great presence in the series. His unique character design, chaotic energy, philosophy, and mysterious power made us readers and anime watches want to see what will he be like when Doflamingo eventually becomes Luffy's next punching bag.

    When we finally arrived at that moment, he turns out to be the villain with the most depth. His philosophy and want to see the world burn are all justified by his tragic backstory.

    Doflamingo just might be one of the evilest people in the One Piece world, yet every malicious act he takes can be understood with sympathy from the eyes of the viewers. Eiichiro Oda may have achieved the impossible - He made us sympathize with the devil.

  11. Sir Crocodile

    Ironically, the arguably weakest Shichibukai from the original lineup is the best one and arguably exuded the most strength as a villain in his first appearance.

    Crocodile revolutionized what a One Piece villain can be. Every villain that came before him were all very simplistic one-off obstacles for Luffy to defeat, even Arlong, then here comes Crocodile who feels like a looming shadow throughout multiple arcs since the Straw Hats entered the Grand Line. He has a bounty four times bigger than any of the villains before. His title as the Shichibukai was the highest position of power in the One Piece world thus far.

    The stakes suddenly got exponentially larger. When the villains before were terrorizing a small town and little villages, Crocodile was terrorizing an entire country, with multiple levels of planning that seems unbeatable. There were so many attempts for the Straw Hats to stop his plans for Alabasta only to fail every time. It was going to work, only for Luffy to expose Crocodile's defeated body.

    Then when Luffy finally faced him, he was literally untouchable. Beating him felt impossible, and it took Luffy trice just to finally defeat him. He was the most difficult villain for Luffy to defeat with the exception of Kaido, and just landing a single punch on him felt like a great victory.

    Aside from that, he has a cool mafia pirate design and a hateable personality where he consistently laughs at the deaths of the people he causes while mocking the ideals of the heroes.

    Crocodile changed the level of what kind of conflict we can expect from a One Piece villain and every villain that followed is in his shadow.

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