86 Anime Episode 4 Release Date and Time, Countdown

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Credit: A-1 Pictures

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86 was one of the most highly anticipated anime shows of Spring 2021 and, in many ways, Episode 3 showed us why. While a bit low on action, it offered insights into each of the main characters, giving us the opportunity to know them better and start caring about them.

Lena is forced to come face to face with some internalized prejudices she still has, despite her good intentions, while we're constantly reminded that we shouldn't get to attached to any character, as death always looms above them - but most likely we will get attached, and be heartbroken by the end.

86 Episode 4 will likely involve some character development for Lena, who is currently a bit too naive for the job she's found herself in. Can't wait for the newest episode? Keep reading. Below, you will find our handy guide with all the information you need about 86 Episode 4, including its release date, airing time, and more.

86 Anime Overview and Episode 3Recap

In 86, the Republic of San Magnolia is at a supposedly bloodless war with the neighboring Giadian Empire, fought entirely by unmanned machines.

But in truth, there is no such thing as a bloodless war. The Republic has 85 known territories which live in safety, being sufficiently defended. Few people know about the existence of a secret sector, the titular 86th.

The 86th territory's young people are the ones forced to fight in the supposedly unmanned drones. If they die, they aren't even written down as casualties; the Republic treats them as livestock.

86 is based on a light novel by Asato Asato, and the first cour is going to have 11 episodes.

Warning: If you haven't watched 86 Episode 3, you might want to skip to the next sections as there will be spoilers below.

In Episode 3, the soldiers from area 86 enjoy some relaxed moments together before a battle. One of them, Kurena, who is romantically interested in Shin, resents Lena for getting to chat with him all the time. Kurena, along with some other 86 soldiers, hates all Albas for forcing them to risk their lives.

Others, including Shin, have warmed up to Lena and enjoy chatting with her. But when she's asked why she cares about them, and Lena goes on to talk about how noble she believes fighting for the Republic is, she has to face her own unconscious bias: the soldiers of 86 fight because they are forced to, not because it's noble, and Lena has a lot to learn if she's going to be really helpful to them.

Lena is warned she's too soft for the Handler position, and given that tragedy strikes in the next day's battle, this might well be true. How will the soldiers handle this loss, and how will Lena's relationship with them develop? Stay tuned to find out.

86 Anime Episode 4Release Date

86 Episode 4 is going to be released on Sunday, the 2nd of May in Japan. This translates to the 1st of May in many other time zones, including those in the UK and the US/Canada. The anime is being simulcast by Crunchyroll, so if you are a subscriber, you will be able to watch episodes as they come out. Otherwise, you will have to wait a few weeks.

86AnimeEpisode 4Release Time

86 is expected to air at midnight - Japanese time - on Sunday, the 2nd of May. Should these times remain correct, 86 Episode 4 will air in different time zones on Crunchyroll as follows:

Pacific Time: 9:30 AM (May 1)
Central Time: 11:30 AM (May 1)
Eastern Time: 12:30 PM (May 1)
British Time: 5:30 PM (May 1)

86 AnimeEpisode 4Where to Watch

You can watch 86 Episode 4 online with English subtitles on Crunchyroll. If you have a premium subscription, you will be able to watch new episodes upon release, while those streaming for free will have to wait, likely a few weeks.

Unsure about Crunchyroll? You can try the free trial to decide if it's for you. After that, a premium membership starts at $7.99 per month.

86 Anime Episode 4COUNTDOWN

86 Episode 4 Release Date


86 Episode 4 will be available to watch in less than six days.

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