7 Most Epic Moments in The Book of Boba Fett Season 1 Chapter 7

Tonight we have done watching The Book of Boba Fett, from cover to cover. It was a bumpy ride, full of detours and tangents that seem more like a promotion to other Star Wars properties. At the same time, the main storyline needs more work. It needs to give us more nuance of how Boba Fett turned from the merciless bounty hunter to the benevolent crime lord.

Despite all that, this book is still a page-turner with its lavish production of creatures, robots, and make-up. The action is not as good as The Mandalorian but it is still good action. Despite the fan-favorite characters being forced into the narrative, they are still fan-favorites for a reason.

So let's do this one more time, with The Book of Boba Fett's last episode, In the Name of Honor.


  1. The Arrival of a Familiar X-Wing

    A familiar ship arrives at the garage of Peli Motto. Peli is confused about why an X-Wing is in her garage, but we immediately know that it is Luke Skywalker's X-Wing. Maybe he will participate in the war between Boba Fett and The Pykes. Maybe he will return Grogu to Din Djarin. Either way, we are in anticipation of when Luke finally comes out from the cockpit.

    To our surprise, the one that comes out is not Luke, but Grogu. While we should feel robbed that we do not get to see Luke again, the feeling of seeing Grogu makes up for it. Just by his presence, we immediately know Grogu's decision when Luke gave him a choice between training as a Jedi with him or returning to Din Djarin.

    To an even bigger relief, he is wearing the chain mail armor gifted to him by Din Djarn, just so there would be no ambiguity about what choice Grogu made. On our credits, it is the right choice.

  2. Boba Fett and Another Bounty Hunter Talks Before the Battle

    A parley went on with a meeting of Boba Fett and Cad Bane. They talk of a backstory between themselves, as rivals in the bounty hunting trade. It is the calm before the storm.

    As they do a familiar scene of the Westerns, what really makes this scene a stand-out is seeing more of Cad Bane, in the flesh in state-of-the-art Star Wars visual effect. It is seamless, and that gravelly voice of Corey Burton really completes the presence of this person.

    We don't know what Cad Bane will do when war finally hits, but this scene makes us excited.

  3. Attack of the Scorpenek Droids

    Despite all The Pyke's efforts to separate the Boba Fett crime family, the whole gang still gets reunited when the war starts - Boba Fett, Din Djarin, the garrison of Freetown, Black Krrsantan, and the biker youths.

    It is a triumphant moment of unity. But just when they thought they can all rest easy, the Pykes unleashed two giant droids known as Scorpenek Droids. They are just like the Droidekas from the prequels, complete with deflector shields except that they are colossal, towering by at least a 2 story building.

    The group does everything in their power to get through the shields, but it does not matter what angle they take, with blasters, missiles, flame throwers, or a saber, these two droids are almost impossible to beat.

    It took Boba Fett's biggest ally, and his smallest ally to take them down.

  4. The Monster Arrives

    We finally have the pay-off of Boba Fett wanting to ride the Rancor. When the Rancor finally arrives with Boba Fett above it to save the day from the Scorpenek Droids, we know we are in for a good battle. The Scorpenek Droids might have powerful deflector shields, but it is no match for the Rancor's brute strength.

    The Rancor keeps on pounding on the deflector shields until they are weakened. Once there is are no deflector shields left, the scenery looks like a Kaiju battle and destruction, it can be home to a Godzilla film or in Pacific Rim.

  5. Din Djarin and the Little Guy Meets Again

    As the epic battle continues, we get the long-awaited reunion between Din Djarin and Grogu. We are so glad that Grogu learns to jump higher if only for the moment that he gets to hug Din Djarin with this ability. Din Djarin himself is really glad to see Grogu. We might not see his face but his voice is filled with happiness that they are finally together. Especially when he sees that Grogu is wearing the gift he had made for him.

    While most children on the battlefield might be a burden, Grogu shows Din Djarin that one of him is more valuable than 10 soldiers as he force pull an important part from one of the Scorpenek Droids legs, damaging it enough to be less mobile so not to kill Din Djarin. While also opening up the Scorpenek Droid for an attack from the Rancor.

  6. Showdown Between Bounty Hunters

    When all the Pykes now defeated, it all comes down to two veteran bounty hunters with a history. From what they are saying, the deleted scenes in The Clone Wars animated series seem to be canon. In those deleted scenes it is revealed that Boba Fett has been mentored by Cad Bane when he was a child.

    Here they make references to knowing each other for a long time. That Cad Bane used to have been giving lessons to Boba Fett about the killing trade.

    The talk turns into a shoot-ff between the quick draw of Cad Bane versus the armor of Boba Fett, with Cad Bane winning the duel. While Boba Fett is armored, the force of the blaster fire still puts him off balance so that Cad Bane can get close enough for a killing shot.

    Boba Fett then dodges Bane's point black shot, then Boba disarms Bane with his Tusken gaffi and then kills him with it. It is a statement - for the Tuskens represents Boba Fett's heart as a man who cares for his tribe. Boba Fett did not kill Bane with a blaster or with a flame thrower, not as a bounty hunter, but as a tribesman.

  7. Beauty Calms the Beast

    When Boba Fett used the Rancor for the war, he might have unleashed a bigger danger than the Pykes. For when the war is over, the Boba Fett crime family still needs to deal with a Kaiju destroying the city.

    It is a scenery not so different from the iconic scene from King Kong, where the beast climbs up the Empire State Building because the Rancor climbs a building only so it can destroy it from the top.

    Din Djarin tries to stop it as long as he could but to no avail. It is Grogu however that stops the beast. He confronts the Rancor, and with a wave of his magic hand thing, the Rancor turns into a gentle giant, until it falls asleep.

    As it sleeps, Grogu pets its face, showing respect and compassion for the Rancor. Once he is done petting it, Grogu snuggles beside it and sleeps like it is a friend or a family member.

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