7 Anime Like Vivy Flourite Eye's Song You Should Start Watching

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Credit: Wit Studio
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For many anime fans, Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song is one of the stars of the Spring 2021 season. The Wit Studio original is very aesthetically pleasing, and the time travel aspect instantly won those viewers who initially dismissed Vivy as a music anime with no plot. The 13-episode anime will leave a gap when it's done, even if there's a season 2 in the future – don't worry though! Below, we've gathered a list of anime with similar themes or aesthetics that you should start watching:

1) Steins;Gate (2011)


With a rating of 9.10/10 on MyAnimeList, Steins;Gate is one of the most well-loved animated works out there. The Studio White Fox anime will likely be enjoyed by Vivy fans due to the futuristic elements and particularly the time travel themes.

The anime follows a group of friends who discover that a machine they're working with can send emails into the past and alter the course of history. Vivy's adventure is a journey to prevent a tragedy that is set to take place a century into the future, so both anime have similar concepts and ask questions about the cost of too advanced technology.

2) Time of Eve (2008-9)

If Vivy got you interested in human and AI relationships, Time of Eve might be for you. The Studio Rikka anime unfolds in a futuristic society where AIs are treated by humans as slaves.

The show is much less fast-paced, but the idea of a café where humans and AIs are treated as equals is definitely an intriguing one, as is the question of independent AIs, the dangers, and the possible positives of such an idea. Vivy is similarly concerned with the idea of AIs becoming too independent to the point of rebelling against their creators.

3) Psycho-Pass (2012-13)


Vivy might look like a breathtaking anime that is worth watching for visuals alone, but the dystopian element is also strong, as the show asks questions about artificial intelligence and governmental control.

Psycho-Pass is a similarly-themed dystopian work by Production I.G. that attempts to speculate the possible dangers of depending on AIs too much: in 22nd century Japan, the Sibyl System is a definitive way to examine citizens' predilection to crime, known as Psycho-Pass.

When Akane Tsunemori starts working in law enforcement alongside Shinya Kougami, she finds that the system might be flawed and what she must do to uphold justice isn't as straightforward as society would have her think.

Apart from the futuristic, dystopian themes, both anime have amazing art styles that make them particularly pleasing to watch.

4) Violet Evergarden (2018)

As Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song is quite original, you can't easily find an exact correspondence, but Violet Evergarden is an aesthetically pleasing, artistic work with the main character that might remind you of Diva/Vivy.


The Kyoto Animation show follows Violet, who was brought up as a child soldier. When the war finally ends, Violet finds herself mutilated and lonely, having lost the only person who ever showed her tenderness. In an attempt to move on, she becomes a ghostwriter who travels across the country helping people compose hard, emotional letters, learning a lot about emotions along the way.

Both shows have physically capable female leads who start a bit emotionless but still willing to help others and discover how to pour their heart into their mission.

5)Key the Metal Idol (1994-5)

Sometimes, if you want a similarly-themed anime, you have to travel a little further back into anime history. Key the Metal Idol by Studio Pierrot also has a robot protagonist who won't strike you as an AI from the beginning, due to her human-like appearance.

Not only that, but our robot main girl is also a singer, like Vivy. In what starts off a bit like a Pinocchio retelling, Key is told she will become a real girl if she makes thirty thousand friends… and the only way she can think of is to become an idol singer.

6)Macross Plus (1994-5)

Another 90s classic, Macross Plus is a sci-fi show concerned with AIs gone wild. The OVA series by Triangle Stuff tells a different story from Vivy, but the robots and the singing are there.


Idol singer Sharon Apple is an AI whose feelings are artificially supplied, but things go horribly wrong when an unstable, forbidden code is installed in her, making her go rogue.

While Vivy/Diva is an AI singer meant to stop a revolution initiated by other AIs, Macross Plus follows an AIs human handler and her childhood friends trying to stop an AI singer. Opposite stories, but similar themes, meaning that if you enjoyed one, you should give the other a go.

7) Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (2011)

If you liked Vivy but are a bit more into fantasy, rather than sci-fi, why not try Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica? The Studio Shaft so also has a female protagonist who goes about her normal life before a mysterious being implicated her in a dark mission to save humanity.

Madoka Kaname is a normal schoolgirl until Kyuubey, a cat-like familiar offers to make her a magical girl, at a great personal cost that she can't begin to understand.

The show doesn't have robots or sci-fi elements but Kyuubey might remind you a bit of Matsumoto, as they are both deceptively cure sidekicks that change the protagonists' lives in interesting and twisted ways.


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