6 Epic Moments in Peacemaker Episode 7

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With Episode 7, Stop Dragon My Heart Around, released this week, marks the last episode in the series screened for critics. As of this moment, we are in uncharted territories. Whatever surprise James Gunn has in store for the next episode, we can only hope it is of epic proportions.

Without further ado, there's no wrong time to rock.


  1. How Peacemaker's Brother Died

    From the previous 6 episodes, all we have to go on of how Pecemaker's brother Keith died is from brief flashes of hints. Whatever happened, it left Peacemaker with some huge mental scars.

    Now we know - We see that Keith and Chri (Peacemaker) were close brothers who loves to listen to rock music in their room. Then one of their father's friends calls them to go outside. Whatever it is, the brothers are excited about it and it seems like a regular activity they have to do for their father.

    In a dark twist, they are called upon by their dad to fight each other as their dad and his party of friends bets on who is going to win. The two brothers are not disturbed by this. They just go on like they are part of the people watching them having fun even when their faces are already bleeding.

    When Chris delivers one of his punches, Keith started twitching on the ground while foaming at the mouth. While everybody is shocked, Chris just smiles cheerfully, innocently thinking his brother is doing the worm.

    When their father comes to Keith's aid, Chris's face turns into fear and confusion. His dad starts screaming at Chris, saying he has killed his brother, and this kid has no idea what is going on.

    Peacemaker can be funny and serious, but man, this is its darkest hour yet.

  2. The White Dragon Attacks

    We already knew from episode 6 that The White Dragon is coming, but no one told us he is going to come with the most '90s comic-looking outfit in live-action, flying in like he is Iron Man to the truck with enough force to topple it.

    Like Iron Man, he has an invincible suit and blaster weapons that make him the most powerful enemy in the series to date. He could have killed the entire team with one blast if they aren't so lucky. It is only thanks to Vigilante's initiative that Peacemaker, Economos, and Eagly got away.

    Vigilante may be dorky, but the team can always count on him when it comes to holding a gun and trying to blow up his enemies with a grenade, even when he is in the blast radius.

    It only slowed The White Dragon down for a little bit, and we thought Vigilante is dead there for a second, only to realize that he is hiding in a tree with visible injuries. We know in his mind he is thinking, "Worth it."

  3. One of the Team Dies

    With a whole police force Butterflies after the team, it was only a matter of time until one of them gets captured. The police force comes charging into the team's apartments. While Harcourt and Adebayo are not spotted, Murn is trapped and cornered in his room as The Butterflies is just at his door.

    Knowing that he is done for, as the door will be no more any second, Murn grabs the gun and talks to Harcourt and Adebayo through comlinks for the last time. He tells them that he is proud to have them as his teammates and that he knows that they will finish the job.

    When the Butterflies get through the door, Murn starts killing as many Butterflies with his gun as possible. As he expects, he just gets captured. He assures the Butterflies that they will have no ounce of information from him. The lead Butterfly believes him and kills him immediately. While the human body is now dead, we see Murn's Butterfly coming out from the mouth. It flies, but it gets caught, crushed, and thrown away.

    When the Butterfly villains left, Harcourt and Adebayo go into the apartment to check up on Murn. They see the Butterfly Murn on the ground on his last gasp of breath. Harcourt picks him u on his hands, and it is there that he dies.

    Harcourt looks teary-eyed and scared. She contemplates that without Murn, they do not know what to do and how to stop The Butterflies.

  4. Harcourt Vs. Judo Master

    Harcourt and Adebayo don't even have time to morn Murn, as Judo Master arrives, searching for revenge. He kicks the two, putting Adebayo out of the fight. Harcourt is getting tired of Judo Master's surprise attacks and is ready for a one-on-one.

    To our surprise, Harcourt can actually hold her own against Judo Master when there are no sucker punches involved. It is a well-shot fight, one of the series best so far. They brawl from the small living room to the bathroom, into the bedroom, until Harcourt is pinned down to the ground, as Judo Master punches her face over and over.

    It is Adebayo that saves the day, as she tasers Judo Master over and over until he is down. Surely, there is a joke in here where Judo Master escapes from the team again.

  5. The 11th Street Kids Vs. The White Dragon

    The White Dragon and his men's chase for Peacemaker and his friends continues. They finally caught up with them because of the tracking devices put on every Peacemaker's helmet in the trunk of the car.

    Peacemaker seems like in a loss with no chance of survival as he is pummeled to the ground with White Dragon going near him. Eagly charges to White Dragon, but White Dragon brutally punches Eagly to the face.

    This angers Peacemaker so much, he goes charging into The White Dragon. But The White Dragon is too strong for him. The White Dragon starts his villain monologue, and it is the most bile-inducing speech ever uttered by a supervillain.

    Every word White Dragon speaks is filled with venom - He goes on and on about how he always knew that Peacemaker is unclean not only because he blames him for Keith's death, but also because he shaves his body like a woman and because he sleeps with polluted blood and men. He says that he was tested by God, just like Abraham before him, and should've had the guts to kill Peacemaker from the beginning.

    The White Dragon would have killed Peacemaker if Vigilante did not rescue him in time. Vigilante damages The White Dragon's blasters, giving Peacemaker a chance to beat up his dad.

    As Peacemaker punches and punches with all his pent-up emotions on his sleeves, we see a passionate performance by John Cena as he starts telling him it is he, the father, who has the most blame for Keith's death. But Peacemaker does not put himself off the hook. He is filled with guilt that he has let himself be colored by his father for all these years.

    Peacemaker picks up a gun, and with hesitation, kills his father with a bullet straight to the head. After his father dies, Peacemaker burst out crying.

    This is how you make a mass killer like Peacemaker, sympathetic - make him a tragic case, while not putting him off the hook for who he is. It is a powerful scene, And no amount of Vigilante's off-timed joke can ruin it.

  6. Eagly Hugs Again

    Eagly just might be the only good soul in this series because the entire cast are terrible people. So as we see him lying lifeless as Peacemaker begs and pray that Eagly survives, we are with him, praying for a miracle.

    Then, as if Eagly heard Peacemaker's prayer, Eagly rises from his bed. Peacemaker's face is suddenly filled with relief. With a rising musical score, we are blessed again as Eagly adorably wraps his wings around a tear-stricken Peacemaker for a second time. This time Eagly's eyes are closed and his wings are even tighter. Clearly, Chris is right, miracles do come true.