20 Most Epic Moments in The Book of Boba Fett Season 1

We have finally watched The Book of Boba Fett from cover to cover. It has some good chapters, it has some bad chapters. Despite its flaws, it is still Star Wars, with great sets, make-up, practical effects, and CGI. The Book of Boba Fett remains a page-turner.

And in this page-turner, we had a lot of epic moments to choose from. We have gathered all of them, and see what epic moment is the best of the best.


  1. The Tuskens Dead - Chapter 3 The Streets of Mos Espa

    After humanizing the Tuskens for 2 episodes prior, walking with them, experiencing their culture in such a personal way, the respect, and bond they showed to Boba Fett, they are suddenly all dead. Gone like Anakin Skywalker went to visit. We see the tribe tents all in shatters. We see all of the Tuskens' bodies littered throughout the surroundings. Who knew we would ever feel something for the death of Tuskens?

    Temuera Morrison is such a great actor here, looking sad, but keeping in character of Boba Fett as quiet and subdued, like he just accepts that this chapter of his life is over in an instant. Without making a sound, he gathers all the bodies and burns them. We can only imagine what kind of life he must've had for him to be quick to accept that his tribe is gone in a blink of an eye.

  2. Showdown Between Bounty Hunters - Chapter 7 In the Name of Honor

    When all the Pykes now defeated, it all comes down to two veteran bounty hunters with a history. From what they are saying, the deleted scenes in The Clone Wars animated series seem to be canon. In those deleted scenes it is revealed that Boba Fett has been mentored by Cad Bane when he was a child.

    Here they make references to knowing each other for a long time. That Cad Bane used to have been giving lessons to Boba Fett about the killing trade.

    The talk turns into a shoot-ff between the quick draw of Cad Bane versus the armor of Boba Fett, with Cad Bane winning the duel. While Boba Fett is armored, the force of the blaster fire still puts him off balance so that Cad Bane can get close enough for a killing shot.

    Boba Fett then dodges Bane's point black shot, then Boba disarms Bane with his Tusken gaffi and then kills him with it. It is a statement - for the Tuskens represents Boba Fett's heart as a man who cares for his tribe. Boba Fett did not kill Bane with a blaster or with a flame thrower, not as a bounty hunter, but as a tribesman.

  3. Beauty Calms the Beast - Chapter 7 In the Name of Honor

    When Boba Fett used the Rancor for the war, he might have unleashed a bigger danger than the Pykes. For when the war is over, the Boba Fett crime family still needs to deal with a Kaiju destroying the city.

    It is a scenery not so different from the iconic scene from King Kong, where the beast climbs up the Empire State Building because the Rancor climbs a building only so it can destroy it from the top.

    Din Djarin tries to stop it as long as he could but to no avail. It is Grogu however that stops the beast. He confronts the Rancor, and with a wave of his magic hand thing, the Rancor turns into a gentle giant, until it falls asleep.

    As it sleeps, Grogu pets its face, showing respect and compassion for the Rancor. Once he is done petting it, Grogu snuggles beside it and sleeps like it is a friend or a family member.

  4. Another Confrontation with the Twins - Chapter 3 The Streets of Mos Espa

    The Twins are becoming really intriguing characters. Their presence as an elitist lazy hedonist, who never shows any hint of worry in their facade, makes them intimidating and unpredictable. Here they are apologizing to Boba Fett for sending Black Krrsantan after him like it is nothing, and they seem very sincere about the apology too, sending him a Rancor as a gift in return. Now they say they are leaving, and they say they don't want a war because it is bad for business, but because of their emotionless facade, we don't know how much of this is a trick. What exactly is up in their sleeves except for fat?

    This moment is a very good exposition dump too. We get to know that the Mayor of Mos Espa has promised the Pyke Syndicate the Tatooine criminal empire and is coming any day now. The stakes are rising, the world keeps on building, and tomorrow just keeps on getting more exciting.

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    Plus, we get to see a Rancor, then Danny Trejo appeared out of nowhere for some reason, not that anyone is complaining. Black Krrsantan gets to be freed by Boba Fett at this scene when he could have killed him easily. We know this act is going to reward Boba Fett with a new Wookiee Allie in episodes to come. So, expect another addition to the family.

  5. Boba Fett is Confronted By the Twins - Chapter 2 The Tribes of Tatooine

    New players for the crime lord throne have just arrived as they stand off with Boba Fett. It turns out, Jabba's cousins the Twins are going to lock heads with Boba Fett to be the new Godfather of Tatooine. The brother and sister duo are just like their cousin Jabba - the very embodiment of sloth, gluttony, and greed. What is so intimidating about them is that they are not worried about Boba Fett at all. They could not care less of him and are not in a hurry to take back their territory from him. It is also nice to see Black Krrsantan's live-action debut. For those who are not deep in Star Wars lore, he is the Wookiee warrior on the side of the Twins. Black Krrsantan is a regular in the Doctor Aphra Star Wars comics and is a feared bounty hunter.

  6. Boba Fett Blows Up an Assassin - Chapter 1 Stranger in a Strange Land

    As the real sign that Boba Fett is not instilling any fear as a crime lord, he and Fennec are attacked out in the open in the streets. What follows is a very good action scene where at the beginning, we do not know if Boba and Fennec can legitimately get out of. The real highlight in the scene is when one of the assassins is escaping and Boba shoots him with a missile, obliterating the assassin in an instant as he vanishes in thin air.

  7. Black Krrsantan Strikes at Boba Fett - Chapter 3 The Streets of Mos Espa

    Every time Boba Fett is shown in his bacta tank, asleep, there is this lingering feeling in the back of the audience's mind that Boba Fett is vulnerable without weapons so open to attack. Now the time has come for that attack as Black Krrsantan strikes at him in the middle of the night, like a nightmare going for the kill. Boba Fett is more vulnerable than ever - no armor, no weapons, and half-naked. Black Krrsantan is like a bear, he just throws Boba Fett across the room multiple times, and Boba Fett can barely make a solid attack on him - It is brutal.

    When Boba Fett is about to die, luckily, he is rescued by the teens he hired earlier. Like the Gamorrean slaves before them, it is so satisfying to see Boba Fett's way of kindness and respect reward him. These teens were so disrespectful to him before, and now because Boba Fett shows them decency, they come straight to his rescue in his most vulnerable state. It's like Fett has his very own Tatooine Irregulars. Later even the Gamorreans and Fennec join into the fight until Black Krrsantan falls to the Rancor pit. It is becoming obvious that Boba Fett is building his crime family. A new tribe after losing his old one.

  8. Flashback on the Great Purge of Mandalore - Chapter 5 Return of the Mandalorian

    As The Armorer tells Din Djarin what she knows about Bo-Katan and her legacy, we get to see a flashback of the destruction of Mandalore in a tragic night the Armorer calls, "The Night of a Thousand Tears."

    We see a fleet of thousands of TIE-Bombers rain down from the skies, bombing the planet until everything is destroyed in a huge mushroom cloud. It is very reminiscent of the apocalyptic future shown in the Terminator franchise. Like in Terminator, we see a mushroom cloud. After that, the land is shown full of smoke and debris as far as the eyes can see. We see robots with guns patrolling on foot, but instead of them being Terminators, they are Imperial security droids with, the same model as K-2SO in Rogue One. Instead of Terminator drones, we see Imperial scout droids flying around.

    As not much has been seen of the great purge of Mandalore, this is a flashback no one should miss.

  9. Another Fan-Favorite Returns - Chapter 6 From the Desert Comes a Stranger

    Chapter 6 just keeps on giving. No one thought we would see Luke again, but here he is. No one thought we would see Grogu so soon, but here he is. No one thought we would see Ashoka so soon, but here she is. Just when we thought that is enough, Star Wars: Clone Wars fan-favorite bounty hunter Cad Bane makes his live-action debut complete with the menacing voice of Corey Burton.

    At first, he is merely a silhouette walking from the horizon. We hope that this enigmatic figure is Cad Bane but we cannot be sure. We see the hat, half of his face, and the voice, and our wildest dreams just got confirmed. We await the whole face reveal, and once it is revealed, he looks intimidating, with those bright red eyes and monstrous teeth.

    He threatens The Marshal not to get involved with the Pykes, and like the Westerns of old, we have ourselves a good old-fashioned Mexican standoff. Cad Bane shoots the Marshal and the deputy. He warns the town of Mos Pelgo once again and then he is off. What an entrance.

  10. Boba Fett Returns to the Sarlacc Pit - Chapter 4 The Gathering Storm

    Boba Fett returns to the Sarlacc pit to get his armor back, as he believes it is still inside the Sarlacc. He must not have remembered that the Jawas have taken it. This time, though he uses his ship to peek inside the Sarlac. But just when we thought Boba and Fennec are safe inside the ship, the Sarlac pulls the ship with its tentacles.

    We really get the sense of how strong the Sarlacc is as it pulls down the ship. The Sarlac feels more terrifying than ever with its improved visual effects, sound design, and a showcase of strength.

    In a visual that we never thought would ever see, Fennec kills the Sarlacc by firing Boba's signature seismic charge bomb in its mouth. With the iconic shockwave and sound, it really feels like it hurts. They could not have found a better way to kill this iconic creature.

  11. The Rancor Bonds with Boba Fett - Chapter 3 The Streets of Mos Espa

    What's really great about this scene is the subversion of the Rancor. We only ever got to know a Rancor as a monstrous killer that tried to kill Luke. Who would have known that they are actually emotionally complex creatures capable of sadness and depression? They are actually not as violent as we thought them to be, only really being violent if they perceive an attack. Otherwise, they might as well be a big puppy.

    They are like Boba Fett in this regard - Known to be a killer across the galaxy but is capable of being gentle and friendly on the inside. Is it any wonder that Boba Fett gets to have a bond with the particular Rancor he has in his pit now? He caresses this one like it is a pet and wants to ride it one day, promising to begin the training now. Wouldn't that be a sight for next time?

    This Rancor is young right now despite it being gigantic. Its eyes are covered because Rancors gets deeply bonded with the first person it sees. So Boba Fett stands in front of it as the blindfold is removed for the first time. For a moment, it is like Din Djarin seeing Baby Yoda for the first time.

  12. Boba Fett Escapes the Sarlacc Pit - Chapter 1 Stranger in a Strange Land

    After a long time of fans wondering how Boba Fett escaped the Sarlacc pit, we are finally shown how it happened. It looks like a horror movie, of a guy waking up in some mysterious dark and claustrophobic hole and realizing it is the stomach of a beast and he is slowly being digested. So after all these years of wondering, how did Boba escape the Sarlacc? -- By using his flame thrower and jet pack... Bet you did not see that one coming.

  13. Luke Skywalker Trains Grogu - Chapter 6 From the Desert Comes a Stranger

    No one thought we would ever see Luke Skywalker in any clear visual again in these Disney+ series', but here he is with multiple scenes, training Grogu in the way of the force. The de-aging technology used to transform Mark Hamill to his Return of the Jedi youth has also improved. It is still not perfect, but he can now participate in scenes where we can believe him as an actual person instead of just an effect.

    It is also nice to see the return of Grogu. No one also knew we would see details of his Jedi training, but here he is doing bigger movements than we ever saw this little puppet/CGI has ever done before. It is satisfying seeing him in an environment of peace instead of danger and improving his skills as a Jedi.

    Grogu and Luke have a great rapport. Something akin to a flipside from Luke and Yoda. When back then Luke was but a learner, now he is the master training a baby version of Yoda.

    To homage Empire Strikes Back, we even get to see Luke running through the forest with Grogu on his back, the same way he was running with Yod on his back in the past. Like poetry, it rhymes.

  14. Attack of the Scorpenek Droids - Chapter 7 In the Name of Honor

    Despite all The Pyke's efforts to separate the Boba Fett crime family, the whole gang still gets reunited when the war starts - Boba Fett, Din Djarin, the garrison of Freetown, Black Krrsantan, and the biker youths.

    It is a triumphant moment of unity. But just when they thought they can all rest easy, the Pykes unleashed two giant droids known as Scorpenek Droids. They are just like the Droidekas from the prequels, complete with deflector shields except that they are colossal, towering by at least a 2 story building.

    The group does everything in their power to get through the shields, but it does not matter what angle they take, with blasters, missiles, flame throwers, or a saber, these two droids are almost impossible to beat.

    It took Boba Fett's biggest ally, and his smallest ally to take them down.

  15. Din Djarin and the Little Guy Meets Again - Chapter 7 In the Name of Honor

    As the epic battle continues, we get the long-awaited reunion between Din Djarin and Grogu. We are so glad that Grogu learns to jump higher if only for the moment that he gets to hug Din Djarin with this ability. Din Djarin himself is really glad to see Grogu. We might not see his face but his voice is filled with happiness that they are finally together. Especially when he sees that Grogu is wearing the gift he had made for him.

    While most children on the battlefield might be a burden, Grogu shows Din Djarin that one of him is more valuable than 10 soldiers as he force pull an important part from one of the Scorpenek Droids legs, damaging it enough to be less mobile so not to kill Din Djarin. While also opening up the Scorpenek Droid for an attack from the Rancor.

  16. Duel for the Darksaber - Chapter 5 Return of the Mandalorian

    The Mandalorian that saved Din Djarin in Nevarro back in The Mandalorian season 1 has also returned. It turns out his name is Paz Vizsla of the Mandalorian clan, House Vizsla. Since the Darksaber is made by the founder of House Vizsla, Paz wants a shot of taking the Darksaber in battle. So, he challenged Din Djarin for a duel.

    The duel is fought without jetpacks on a narrow bridge without railings with the bottom only space. It is a serious fight, with all their hits feeling heavy and with force. In the middle of the fight, Paz gets a hold of the Darksaber and almost killed Din with it. Yet, Din prevails when he puts a knife on Paz's throat.

    This victory runs hallow though, as it is here that Din Djarin tells the other Mandalorians that he has revealed his face to others. While he gets to be worthy to hold the Darksaber, he is also no longer a Mandalorian to the eys of the creed.

  17. Return of The Mandalorian - Chapter 5 Return of the Mandalorian

    The title of chapter 5 is "Return of the Mandalorian." As promised, Din Djarin is back, with a grand entrance where we see only his silhouette first, and then he reveals himself from the shadows with that familiar The Mandalorian series theme sound bite.

    We follow up on what he has been up to since the end of his last season, and we find out he is back to his bounty hunting ways. When he faced his bounty, it is another round for a classic rumble with a dozen fighters all trying to kill him. Before the fight, as a call back to the first words Din Djarin has ever said, he tells his bounty, "I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold."

    What makes the battle special, is that this is the first instance that we ever see him wield the darksaber. He slices and dices enemies and objects smoothly, the likes of which have only been seen in anime before. Yet he is not perfect either; for the first time in Star Wars, we get to see someone using a saber and then accidentally injuring himself with it. This is something one would think would happen more often.

    Then the fight has a great finish, with Din slicing through his bounty and the table behind him in half with a heavy swing of his blade.

    Welcome back.

  18. The Freight Train Raid - Chapter 2 The Tribes of Tatooine

    The stand-out action scene of chapter 2 is when the Sand People raid the Pyke Syndicate's freight train to get back at the Pykes for killing some of their people, in what is implied to be on a regular basis.

    The raid is exciting, worthy of any of the best train raids of big-budget blockbuster movies with the special effects matching them too. The Sand People are so much at a disadvantage in tactical position, numbers, and resources that every small victory of barely dodging death is satisfying. The Sand People's best warrior that is badass enough to train Boba Fett in melee combat gets all of the best scenes in this and probably killed the biggest numbers.

  19. Boba Fett is Accepted as One of the Sand People - Chapter 2 The Tribes of Tatooine

    It turns out Boba Fett's outfit without his armor when he debuted in The Mandalorian is actually tribal Tusken-style garb and chapter 2 is the origin story of why he looked the way he did. We see a montage - First we see Boba Fett carefully being wrapped by garb by the Sand People. The ceremony is being taken seriously by all that is involved as if it is a ritual event experienced by all Sand People at some point during their lives. Then the sequence transitioned to Boba Fett making his gaffi stick out of the branch from the tree from his vision quest. The sequence is detailed as if we get to know every minutia of the process involved in making the staff. We are there with Boba Fett, hard at work with him, never leaving his side. Then Boba Fett joins the tribe as a fully formed Tusken. They all do some kind of ceremonial dance in the night involving their gaffi sticks. With that, the episode ends in the best form possible. Who knew just having to see how Boba Fett end up with this look would be so intriguing?

  20. The Monster Arrives - Chapter 7 In the Name of Honor

    We finally have the pay-off of Boba Fett wanting to ride the Rancor. When the Rancor finally arrives with Boba Fett above it to save the day from the Scorpenek Droids, we know we are in for a good battle. The Scorpenek Droids might have powerful deflector shields, but it is no match for the Rancor's brute strength.

    The Rancor keeps on pounding on the deflector shields until they are weakened. Once there is are no deflector shields left, the scenery looks like a Kaiju battle and destruction, it can be home to a Godzilla film or in Pacific Rim.

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