1883 Star Sam Elliott Says He Loves Kevin Costner But is No Fan of Yellowstone

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Credit: Yellowstone/YouTube

We absolutely love Shea Brennan, played by veteran actor Sam Elliott, in 1883. And though his character is an integral part of the show, he says he doesn't watch the mothership Yellowstone series. Honestly, we're not even surprised.

Recently, Elliott was a guest on Marc Maron's podcast WTF With Marc Maron. Elliott admitted to Maron at the end of the show that he doesn't even watch Yellowstone.

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1883's Sam Elliott: Not a Yellowstone Fan

1883 is definitely up Elliott's alley. From films like Tombstone to television shows like Shadow Riders and Rough Riders, he has become a Western legend. Shea is another action-packed Western hero with a tragic past. Yellowstone's modern-day drama doesn't pique his curiosity.

“I’m not a Yellowstone fan, I don’t watch Yellowstone,” Elliott told Maron. “I love Costner, there’s a lot of good people on the cast, a few of ‘em I’ve worked with before, nothing against any of them but it’s just too much like f—in’ Dallas or something.”

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Dallas, which aired for 14 seasons from 1978 to 1991, was a family saga, but the Ewings were in the oil business. From 2012 to 2014, a three-season revival aired, featuring original cast members Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray dealing with the younger generation. Hagman passed away still playing J.R. Ewing in 2012.

On the ranch in Yellowstone, there's a lot of family drama. John is unsure who of his children he can trust, and they each have their own agendas with one another. There's romance and rivalry, and Elliott isn't interested in either.

“Too much of that for me,” he said.

No Need to Watch Yellowstone to Understand 1883

Yellowstone's popularity spawned 1883, as well as other Yellowstone-themed productions Sheridan is working on. However, because 1883 takes place over a century ago, it may be the first Yellowstone show you see, and you may still be able to follow along. The audience, however, appears to be primarily Yellowstone fans.

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“This thing, when it went on the air, the first episode was the highest-rated thing in f—ing I don’t know how long,” Elliott said on WTF, “10 years or some sh–t. It is connected to it in that it’s a prequel.”

If you can’t get enough of Elliott like us, watch him don different kinds of cowboy hats in westerns like Tombstone, Rough Riders, The Shadow Riders, The Hi-Lo Country, and more.


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