1883 Season 1 Episode 10: Elsa's Fate May Not Be Revealed in the Finale

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SPOILER ALERT: 1883 Episode 9 spoilers ahead.

The penultimate episode of the Yellowstone prequel, directed by Taylor Sheridan, brought the entire story back to the beginning.

Finally, viewers understand why Elsa Dutton was dressed in a white gown — and what happened when she was struck with an arrow while her parents were oblivious to the situation. The episode's conclusion also raises important questions, such as Elsa's fate. Is Elsa going to die in 1883 Season 1 Episode 10?


Will We See Elsa’s Fate in 1883 Season 1 Episode 10?

We believe there is a fair chance Sheridan will confirm things one way or the other. This season opened with a flash-forward, which is presently being played out. You may argue that the first 10 episodes are designed to be an introduction to this world via the perspective of Isabel May's character, and that the focus will shift dramatically after that. It's easy to imagine a future in which we experience things more through the eyes of James or Margaret.

The cliffhanger, on the other hand, will be tempting. After all, it's present in a variety of shows. If you leave Elsa's fate hanging, you'll pique people's interest even more in the future! We know that more episodes have been ordered, and within those, we may be able to receive a definitive explanation – furthermore, viewers will spend the whole break wondering what will happen next.

Elsa’s Final Resting Place

What will happen in the finale episode after the events of 1883 Episode 9 ended with thoughts of Elsa Dutton's death? Elsa's funeral is likely to be planned by James and Margaret Dutton. As James predicted, Elsa will become sicker in the days after her injuries.

The next day’s a mystery,” he tells Elsa when she asks him about her wound pain.

James and Margaret also talked about Elsa’s burial in Episode 9.


She’s going to be another cross on a trail that we don’t visit,” Margaret tearfully tells James. “Ten years from now, it’s just gone.”

Our wagon drive is over,” James says. “Where we bury her is where we stay. That is our home.”

Not here, not in this place,” Margaret says.

No, not in this place,” James says. “I will find the place. By God, I will find the place.”

Will James and Margaret travel all the way to Oregon with Elsa in order to maybe bury her there? 1883 Season 1 Episode 10 will most likely reveal how far the couple goes before choosing the presumed resting place for Elsa.