12 Original Anime Series Worth Watching

An original anime is a series that is not based on a manga, light novel, novel, or game. Sometimes, when a specific anime gets popular, other source materials were released like a manga or light novel. Instead of the usual format wherein, the anime follows a manga or light novel, original anime is the opposite. 

Another difference is that anime adapted from other source materials already have a fanbase when the series is released so the studio already has an idea if there will be people watching it. But the case is different from original anime since it will be a risk to the studio because the series that will be released is unknown to the public yet. With this, we decided to compile 12 original anime worth watching. 

  1. Yuri on Ice

    Only a few anime that portray LGBTQ characters are popular in the anime industry. In fact, it rarely happens when a show has gay relationships. But Yuri on Ice is one of the shows that won over the heart of the masses and even got high praise for portraying same-sex relationships in animation. Aside from that, the series is actually a sports anime that focuses on ice skating. 

  2. Hanasaku Iroha

    Hanasaku Iroha tells the story of Ohana Matsumae who was forced to leave her city life to earn a living in the countryside. The series will showcase different situations that can be relatable to the viewers. Each character has his or her own challenge that he or she needs to face, which pretty much happens to all of us. 

  3. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

    Joining the list is Anohana, which is known for its tear-jerking story about a girl who died and came back again years after as a ghost. Her friends split up after she died, and she wanted them to reconcile even if she came back temporarily. The story emphasized the importance of life and how one’s death can affect a certain person’s life

  4. Great Pretender

    If Great Pretender will be compared to a popular movie, it would be similar to Ocean’s Eleven. Netflix released an original anime that focused on Makoto Edamura, who kept getting involved in international scams by a con man named Laurent. Some also consider the series one of the best crime anime. 

  5. A Place Further Than the Universe

    Another series whose characters traveled is A Place Further Than the Universe. Shirase Kobuchizawa decided to go to Antarctica to find her lost mother. She planned on going alone but her high school friends decided to accompany her. Fans will appreciate that the story, which might seem simple, becomes complex as it progressed. 

  6. Samurai Champloo

    Samurai Champloo takes a unique approach to the Edo era – it has hip-hop! Fuu was saved by Jin and Mugen from an abusive samurai. While the two seemed to be nice guys, they eventually get in trouble after killing the magistrate’s son. The action-based series’ plot is more than enough to convince people to watch it. 

  7. Gurren Lagann

    Gurren Lagann is a mecha anime series that focuses on Kamina and Simon who wished to go to the surface, away from their subterranean village. The only way they can do that is to use a Lagann. The popularity of the series paved way for a manga adaptation to be released and eventually a Nintendo DS video game. 

  8. Kill la Kill

    Creators of Gurren Lagann made another hit original anime entitled Kill la Kill. It follows Ryuko, who decided to go to school to reveal the identity of her father’s killer. Unfortunately, she and the student council president do not get along and are in constant conflict. To achieve her mission, she has a sword and a school uniform that feeds of her.   

  9. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    For those who prefer to watch magical girls, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is the perfect series for them. It centers on 5 girls who suddenly turned magical due to various reasons. Madoka Kaname is the series’ protagonist and with her powers, she and the other girls start fighting against surreal enemies. 

  10. Eden of the East

    The popularity of Eden of the East was no joke as, after its release, a series of films, manga, and light novels were made. The story is about Saki Morimi who went on a graduation trip and met a man who lost his memory. Through their journey, she found out that his phone has 8.2 billion yen, and he has a mission to save Japan. The twist is that if he uses the money selfishly or uses all of it, he will die. 

  11. Michiko to Hatchin

    Considered by some as a feminine masterpiece, Michiko to Hatchin tells a story about Michiko, a sexy diva, who escapes prison. Hatchin, on the other hand, is a little girl who wanted to escape her abusive foster family. Their quest for freedom begins after they met. The series is also widely known as it was voiced by famous Japanese actresses, Suzuka Ohgo and Yoko Maki. 

  12. Last Exile

    Last Exile takes fans to a fictional world called Prester. In this world, inhabitants use vanships, aerial vehicles that can be used as transportation. Two nations called Disith and Anatoray are in conflict which is why sky couriers Lavie Head and Claus Valca must deliver the girl who can unite these nations. 

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