11-Year-Old VALORANT Streamer Banned on Twitch For Being Underage, Despite Parental Supervision

An 11-year-old Brazilian VALORANT streamer, named Lucas, has been banned on Twitch for being underage, despite having parental supervision. The young streamer managed to reach the highest rank in the game, Radiant. However, Twitch has banned him for being underage - the minimum age to use Twitch is 13.

Lucas has been streaming Riot's popular FPS game with supervision from his parents and has proven his skills in VALORANT. His parents were not aware of Twitch's age guidelines, which clearly states: "If you are under 13 years of age, then please do not use or access the Twitch services at any time or in any manner."

Esports journalist Jake Lucky shared Lucas's story.

"He has been banned on Twitch for his age, although he streams with parental supervision. Much of the community has jumped to his defence, while others argue Twitch's ban is fair," explained Lucky.

Lucky went on to say that Lucas's parents were ignorant of Twitch's guidelines as the were previously banned and unbanned "without much detail", and then streamed for four more months with parental supervision before being banned again.

The news has split Twitch's community, with some people saying that the decision was right as the platform needs to uphold its strict policy of restricting underaged players from streaming, while others believe that a child should be able to stream with parental supervision.

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Do you think Lucas should be allowed to stream on Twitch?

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